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? Venture Capital

The Kingston Chronicle Blog: "Jamaica's # 1 Blog"

A Little Ludwig Goes A Long Way

john AT ignitionpartners DOT com :: john AT theludwigs DOT com :: @jhludwig

A Sack of Seattle

My bag o' thoughts: About entrepreneurship, venture capital, parenthood, and the world in general

A Vc

Musings of a VC in NYC

A Venture Forth

Ideas about venture capital, investing, technology, and policy.

...focusing on the evolution and economics of high technology business and strategy. By day, I am a venture capitalist at Benchmark Capital.

Altos Ventures Musings

Questions, thoughts and observations about venture capital, entrepreneurship, investing and business.

Babbling VC

Never settle! Only compromise when it helps you achieve your goals! Never give up!

Benjamin Kuo's Blog ? Venture Capital

Thoughts on Southern California's high tech and venture capital industry

Blog of Intellectual Capital ? Venture Capital

A Blog from Gerbsman Partners Board of Intellectual Capital on ?Maximizing Enterprise Value? for technology and life science companies and their Intellectual Property

"I have seen the future and it works." - Lincoln Steffens

Breakout Performance: Ironfire Capital

Eric Jackson's Blog About Longs, Shorts, Hedge Funds, and Shareholder Activism

Brian Berliner's Brain

This is your brain on: Venture Capital and Technology

Chris Arsenault's Blog

Another perspective on what's goign one in the high tech and venture capital industries

Technology, society, and best practices

Diary of a Geek VC

Who I am: I?m David Aronoff and I am a general partner with Flybridge Capital Partners, investing largely in plumbing & heating supplies for the digital world. More >>>

Digital Markets

Capitalizing on Interactivity, Mobility and Personalization

Dividends and Preferences

Musings on Venture Capital, Technology and Entrepreneurship -- from a California Transplant in the Old South.


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Entrepreneurial Quest

Insights on being an entrepreneur, coaching entrepreneurs, working with entrepreneurs, attracting venture capital, improving the likelihood of success in start-up or transformational ventures.

Feld Thoughts

Just another WordPress weblog

Florida Venture Blog by Dan Rua

No-BS Venture Thoughts for No-BS Entrepreneurs. A running perspective on Florida's growing tech and venture community, with an occasional detour to the Southeast/national scene, venture capital FAQs and maybe a gadget or two.... By Dan Rua, Managi

Fred Destin

A VC in Europe | How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Entrepreneurs

from the inside, looking in

Shin Fukushige, a returnee venture capitalist living and working in Tokyo


Technology changes everything - Notes on strategy, economics, and innovation in business

Genuine VC

David Beisel's Perspective on Digital Change

Go Big or Go Home

Rob Schultz shares his experiences on start-up as both an entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

Israel Venture Capital 2.0

A perspective on Israeli venture capital, Israeli rock music, internet & web 2.0, and being an Israeli in Silicon Valley.

Jason Ball's TechBytes

Technology & Venture Capital. Early Stage Venture Capital news mixed with personal views and comments.

Jeff Clavier's Software Only

"It's the Software, Stupid" Musings, rants and thoughts of an early stage investor about Web 2.0, Search, Social Media, Communities, Monetization, Venture Capital, Gaming, SAAS, etc.

Jon's Ventures

Perspectives on venture investing, entrepreneurship, software, and more...


Free Ideas. Just Add Execution.


LigthSpeed Gemini Internet Lab is a joint venture between Lightspeed Venture Partners and Gemini Israel dedicated to seed investment in very early stage internet israeli start-up. This is our blog.

Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog

Lightspeed is a leading global VC firm focused on partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs to build high-growth market-leading companies globally.

Marketing & Advertising 2.0

Master of 500 Hats

A blog about Geeks, Entrepreneurs, & Startups in Silicon Valley, by Dave McClure. The Internet Revolution, Act II.

Media VC

Venture Capital in the Nation's Capitol

New York VC

Brian Hirsch's blog on NY venture capital, technology and life

Northeast Venture Capital Funding and M / A Activity

Daily reports on funding announcements in the Boston / Northeast region for venture capital plus mergers and acquisitions, specific to the high tech industry.

Nothing To Say

OK, maybe I do have a few things to say about startups and technology...

Now What?

Posts from an Expansion Stage Venture Capitalist

Oc Vc

Just a VC in The OC thinking out loud

Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed

Musing about technology, finance, venture capital, & the money culture with Paul Kedrosky

Permanent Record

Digital breadcrumbs of an early stage venture capitalist....

Private Equity

Private Equity Blogger is updated daily with free educational articles on the private equity industry.

Redeye VC

A view of the startup ecosystem from a coastally challenged VC

SA Venture Capital

SA Venture Capital, venture capital, SA Business Investors, Business Finance for South African Businesses

Savants in the Levant

Ruminations of an Israeli-American Venture Capitalist Looking for the Best and Brightest Entrepreneurs

Seeing Both Sides

VC Perspectives From A Former Entrepreneur

Seeing Eye To Eye

A venture capital view of entrepreneurs and investing in Southern California

SF Venture

Keith Benjamin?s perspectives on venture and related topics.

Startup Review

Case studies of successful Internet companies